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More Owen

Owen's now 8 weeks old and I've uploaded quite a few photos since he was born!He's doing well, although is having to wear a splint across his hips to try and correct a wee problem with one of them. His right hip hasn't developed fully, but hopefully this will sort it out!Click HERE to go to the Gallery


Owen Robertson

Our son Owen Robertson was born on Sunday the 18th of October 2009!Maria was induced on Saturday at 3pm and it took a full 24 hours before he showed himself (with some help from a suction cup and some foreceps!).Mum and baby are doing well and got home on Tuesday, so we're trying to get used to sleepless nights!Click HERE to go to the Gallery


Smythe Wedding

Kieron Smythe married Lyndsay Taylor on the 5th of September 2009 at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh The married couple were superb hosts and everything was beautiful about the day. Mansfield Traquair is highly recommended if anyone needs a unique venue to have a wedding or any other event! Food was great and drink was plentiful, hence some of the shots not being the best!! Congratulations to the Smythes! Click HERE to jump to the photos!


Lucas Robertson

Photos of Lucas - 09/08/09

Maria and I spent the evening baby sitting Lucas while Ray and Nicole got some alone time at a restaurant.

All went well and he even had a nap while we ate our food!

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Bump photos

Maria's Bump Photos

Maria's now 27 weeks into the pregnancy and I finally got round to taking some photos! For a change I'm quite happy with my photos! Not often THAT happens! Maybe I DON'T need those fancy new flash units I'm currently lusting after!

Then again..................

Click HERE to go the photos of the bump!

Old Photos

Old photos now uploaded


I'm starting to upload the photos I had on my old site and Flickr to this new site.

Uploaded so far (click on any link to go direct to the gallery) -

Arwen and Loki
Butterfly Farm
Captain Jack Sparrow
Isle of Eriska
Edinburgh Festival Fireworks
George and Benson
Kieron's leaving night - 2006
The Lawie Wedding
The MacKay Wedding
The Young Family

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Photos of Euan

Maria's cousin Lynne and her son Euan came to visit a while ago, so it gave me some more early practice of taking photos of children!

Cheeky wee lad, hard to keep up with him!

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Macro Gallery

Macro photos

The first batch of macro photos is now online - click HERE to go direct to the gallery or click HERE to go the Gallery index -


Plenty more macro shots to be added to that gallery, so keep checking the site!


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